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The Delta Call Team

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Delta Calls is comprised of dedicated Water Fowlers.  For us hunting isn’t just season long, it’s life long.

josh_gibbonsJosh Gibbons “Blind Boss”

Josh comes from a long line of waterfowl enthusiasts and began his obsession with hunting at the age of 8.  He calls Northern California home, but has traveled all over the Country and to Canada in pursuit of birds.  Josh has been called a “Hardcore” water fowler, (mostly by his wife), logging over 60 hunt days a year.

When he isn’t hunting, Josh is thinking about hunting.  This led to the creation of Delta Waterfowl.  Josh wanted to create products that were not only functional, but comfortable and reliable.  His lanyards are made for those hunters that are as “hardcore” as he is.

mark_rohrerMark Rohrer “Squirrel”

Mark is another avid water fowler that also started hunting early with his dad in the Delta Waterways of Northern California.  His favorite part of the hunt is the camaraderie with his fellow hunting team.  Even after a bust day, he still enjoys just being out with the guys and his chocolate lab , Copper.  Mark believes strongly in wetland conservation and has been a local Ducks Unlimited committee member for over 10 years.

kc_smithKC Smith “ Willie”

KC is a Captain in the local fire department who spends his off days hunting and fishing.  He is currently part owner of a duck club located in the Suisun Marsh.  Having over 35 years experience hunting ducks and geese, KC has traveled through California and Oregon as well as to SW Missouri and Alberta, Canada in search of good hunts.  KC has 2 dogs, Hunter and Cody, who he has helped train to become expert bird dogs who enjoy hunting as much as he does.

randy_hurdRandy Hurd “The Ax Man”

Randy began hunting when he was 10 years old and has become the team’s expert at goose guiding.  In his youth he was a logger, but now is a rancher in Northern California where he spends his extra time scoping out where the birds in his area are hanging out.  Randy enjoys the camaraderie of hunting the most.  When season approaches he calls his home “Randy Land” and invites his friends to stay between hunts.  Randy also enjoys big game hunting and remodeling.

James BlackJames Black “ Big Time”

Working in the airline industry has allowed James to hunt all over the country.  James calls Texas home, but has hunted in Louisiana, Georgia, California, Oregon, Oklahoma and Kansas.  His father started him hunting ducks and geese when he was 8 years old and helped him develop a love for the outdoors.  James is a new dad and plans to bring his son up in the same style.

Brian FienBrian Fien “The Professor”

Brian is a die-hard waterfowl hunter with his passion taking him up and down California, into Oregon and occasionally up to Canada. Brian is our refuge expert putting in over 35 hunts a season on refuges mostly in the Sacramento valley but logs several additional hunts in the central valley all the way up to Oregon. Brian loves the opportunity to become a mentor to the younger generation and share his love of the sport with everyone, especially his three sons. That’s why we call him “The Professor”. If you every see his rig please stop by and introduce yourself, he enjoys sharing his love of the sport and meeting fellow water fowlers.

Tyler MortensenTyler Mortensen “The Rookie”

Tyler is the youngest on the team, but that has only made him passionate about hunting waterfowl. Just recently introduced to hunting, he has thrown himself into every aspect of water fowling and has made an excellent member of the DW team. Tyler is also a committee member for the Benicia-Vallejo chapter of Duck's Unlimited.

Jim KueckerJim Kuecker “The Finisher”

Jim is our mid-western pro-staff member, hailing from Kansas. He owns a duck club in Missouri with his father and has been hunting for over 40 years. Jim also contributes to wetland conservation by being an active "bronze" level sponsor for Ducks Unlimited for more than 20 years. We are glad we have Jim as a part of our team. He is an unbelievable caller and can bring even the most wary birds into gun range.

Randall BrownRandall Brown “Capo”

Randall is an fanatical waterfowler who lives and breathes duck hunting 365 days a year. A third-generation hunter, Randall learned the tricks of the trade hunting the free-roam areas of the Sacramento, Delevan and Grizzly Island refuges. Since then, Randall has enjoyed hunting all over California’s rice fields and marshes as well as traveled to eastern Oregon and Alberta Canada to pursue his passion.

A strong advocate for hunters rights and habitat preservation, Randall is a Life Donor and volunteer for the California Waterfowl Association. In addition to being the Founding Chairman of the CWA Solano Rib Feed, Randall served 7 years on CWA’s Board of Directors. He currently hunts in the Suisun Marsh with his Chocolate Lab “Drake”.